Word Problems - Motion 2

Visit Motion 1 for a quick review of the formulas used in motion problems and some examples.

You just bought your first car and are excited to drive it. However, the ad mentioned that the spedometer doesn't work properly and needs to be replaced. You aren't too worried and plan to drive cautiously until you have some money to replace it. Just as you pull into school on your frist drive a police car turns on its sirens and hands you your first ticket for speeding. Confused, you think about your drive into school: The speed limit is 60 km/hr and your speedometer also read 60 km/hr. It took 10 mins to drive to school. On the way home, to play it safe, you drive 50 km/hr and it takes 14 minutes to get home after dropping your friend off. At the end of the day, your odometer reads 25.8 km. How fast were you driving when you got the ticket?

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