Word Problems - Motion 1

Motion problems will typically use the equation \( d = v \cdot t \) where \(d\) is the distance travelled, \(v\) is the speed and \(t\) is time.

Some common units are shown in the table below.

\(d\) \(v\) \(t\)
m m/s s
km km/hr hr
mile mile/hr hr

You can see that the units work out. For example:

\( d = v \cdot t \)

\( [m] = [\frac{m}{s}] \cdot [s] \)

\( [m] = [m] \)

In 2009, Usain Bolt broke the world record in the 100 m sprint. His time was 9.58 s. On average, how fast was he running?

The high school senior record for the 100 m sprint is 10.4 s. If Usain Bolt gave this senior a one second head start, would he still win the race?

Now that you are warmed up, let's try another example.

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