Word Problems - Mixtures 2

Supose you are making some cookies but want each cookie to have \(20\;[g]\) of sugar or less (roughly the daily reccomended amount). The majority of the sugar comes from icing sugar and chocolate chips. Ingredient information for a one dozen recipe is summarized below.

Ingredient Number of Servings Amount in 1 Serving Amount of Sugar 1 Serving
Icing Sugar \(3\) \(100 \; [g]\) \(98 \; [g]\)
Chocolate Chips \(6\) \(15 \; [g]\) \(8 \; [g]\)

How much sugar is in each cookie?

To make each cookie have 20 g of sugar, you plan to reduce all the ingredients and make smaller cookies. How many servings of icing sugar and chocolate chips should you use?

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