Word Problems

Tran paid \($24\) for \(32\;[L]\) of gas. Lilly paid \($27\) for \(10\;\text{gallons}\) of gas. Who got the better deal?

The height of Melvin's house is \(12\;[m]\). His friend, Matt, lives in a house that's \(15\;[m]\) tall. If Matt's house casts a shadow that is \(16\;[m]\) long, what is the length of the shadow cast by Melvin's house to the nearest tenth of a metre?

The temperature in Jamaica is \(80\;[°F]\) while the temperature in Toronto is \(15\;[°C]\). How much warmer is it in Jamaica than in Toronto? Give your answers in degress Celsius.

Billy's tent is in the shape of a triangular prism.
1. What is the volume of the tent?
2. How much material was used to make the tent, including the floor?