Wave-Particle Duality of Light

Electromagnetic radiation behaves as both a particle and a wave known as Wave-Particle Duality. The waves associated the particles are called Matter Waves. In order for the electron to maintain moment, the perimeter of its orbit must be a multiple of its wavelength.

The energy of a photon (no rest mass) is given by:

\(E = hf \)

Where Plank's constant is \( h = 6.626 \cdot 10^{-34} [m^2 \cdot kg/s] = 4.136 \cdot 10^{-15} [eVs] \) and \(f\) is the frequency.

The wavelength is given by:

\( \lambda = \frac{hc}{E} \)

The momentum is given by:

\( p = \frac{E}{c} \)

Compute the wavelength of a 1 MeV phton.

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